Centrifuge Acceleration Test System

Salient Features:
* Rigid and Robust structure
* Servo motor control for High accuracy
* Programmable test parameters
* Up to 100 break Points/steps
* Acceleration tests in accordance with IS, IEC, MIL-810, ASTM etc
* PC based Control and Monitoring
* Visual monitoring of UUT
* Various safety interlocks for safe operation
* Electrical, Electronics, Pneumatic, Hydraulic terminals Available

DAS’s Centrifuge Machine is used to analyze the mechanical behavior/fitment and integrity of parts and assemblies subjected to

linear acceleration. It is used in the Avionics, Military hardware testing, Satellite components testing, Telecom &  Automobiles Industries,  R&D laboratories for Qualification testing, Product development & their Reliability, Stress screening etc as per relevant ISO, IEC, JSS 55555, MIL and other international Standards.

The Centrifuge machine for acceleration testing has a robust structure that consists of an outer enclosure for safety point of view to withstand vibration & Rotational Forces produced by centrifugal force acting on the test object. It consists of a rotating platform with provision to mount and accommodate on either side, a wide variety of payloads, in various sizes at a required radial distance from centre to achieve the desired acceleration. The platform is driven by PMBL servo motor to get highest level of rpm accuracy. The speed of platform is varied by the PWM based IGBT Servo Drive with instrumentation system having built-in digital closed loop control and associated Speed Control panel.

DAS Linear Acceleration Machines are available from 0.5g’ to 80000 ’g’. Facility of visual monitoring of Unit under Test mounted

on platform is through CCTV. Camera, Electrical, Electronic, Data transfer, RF, Pneumatic, Hydraulic connections are available

thru’ quality Slip rings for actual working conditions during rotation and test environment.

Our CENTRIFUGE MACHINE FOR ACCELERATION testing consists of a rotating platform which has Metric threaded holes to mount the object/specimen at a required radial distance from center to achieve the desired acceleration on a particular RPM of platform. The desired acceleration is dependent on radial distance and speed of rotating platform from a dedicated formula. it is stated that required acceleration is to be achieved by proper selection of radial distance and rotating speed of an object.

The Machine is supported by PC Based instrumentation system to control & monitor the test parameters. The system is more

Versatile with a suitably designed LABVIEW based GUI program to control, monitor various parameters with data logging and data

Analysis features for setting RPM/speed, Acceleration “g”, Nominal Radius, Test time, unit ID etc. as per the test application. Requirements. All safety interlocks e.g. Imbalance, Door open etc. are configured & monitored via data transfer to external. PC with associating software. The software supports break points in a single test profile.



Model No. DCFG-50-30 DACTM-060 DCFG – 50K DCFG – 200-125 DCFG – 20K-15 DCFG – 40K-15 DCFG – 80K-10
Acceleration Range 1-50 ‘g’ 1-100 ‘g’ 1-50 ‘g’ 1-200 ‘g’ 0.1K -20K ‘g’ 0.1K -40K ‘g’ 0.1K -80K ‘g’
Platform Radius 250-350 mm 300-600 mm 2000 mm to 4000 mm (2000x2000mm) 750-1750 mm 75 – 200 mm 75 – 200mm 50 – 150 mm
Payload size


100 mm cube 300 mm cube 2000 mm X 2000 mm X 2000 mm 1000 mm cube        #       #       #
Payload Capacity 10 Kg 50 Kg 1000 Kg 250 Kg 2 Kg 1Kg 0.5 Kg
Max speed. 500 rpm 500 rpm 150 rpm 400 rpm 11000 rpm 15500 rpm 27000 rpm
Speed resolution 1 rpm 1 rpm 1 rpm 1 rpm 1% 1% 1%
Control PC Based control,  programmable parameter are Acceleration (g), Radius, Test Time etc.
Online Testing Connections (Slip Ring) Electrical, Electronic, Data transfer, RF, Pneumatic, Hydraulic connections are available for actual working conditions test environment as per Customer Requirement.
Utilities Required 415V±10%, 3-phase, 50Hz AC with Neutral and Earth
Safety Interlocks Mains Input Over & Under Voltage, Phase fail, Door Interlock, Imbalance Vibration.

Emergency Stop

Operating Env. 0 to 45C and 10 to 90% RH


  • The specifications sent with the offer are latest and supersedes the printed Catalogue.
  • Additional Spinning facility on Platform is also featured, as per customer specs.
  • # – As per Customer requirement


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