Air Cooled Vibration Testing System

We are one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of Electro-dynamic Vibration Shaker System in India. Air Cooled Shakers are easy to install and are widely used for industrial, military, aerospace, aviation, defense, telecom, automotive, electronics, home appliances and many more.

With output force ratings from 50 kgf to 8000 kgf peak force, these EDV Shakers are designed to provide continuous duty over a wide-band frequency range.  Additional features includes integral payload support, rotating trunnion base with pneumatic isolation, 1:1 Sine to Random output force ratio and high fundamental armature resonance. In addition, our Air Cooled Vibration Testing System are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO-5344 standards.

Our Air Cooled Vibration Testing System consists of an electrodynamic exciter (the “shaker”), a state-of-the-art integral fan cooled switching PWM power amplifier with in-built field power supply and a remotely placed cooling blower. Optional items include Horizontal slip tables, Head expanders, accelerometers and Digital USB/LAN vibration controllers which make the test system versatile. For assistance and selection the system for your needs, please contact our sales representative.

High FRF & Wide UF 

Our new shaker design significantly raises the FRF (Fundamental Resonance Frequency) and UF (Useable Frequency) of our  shakers and outperforms similar products from other manufacturers.

Reliable Armature

Our unique armature design, resin bonded, is state-of-the-art, providing increased reliability and unsurpassed performance. Our proprietary armature structure has been re-designed to optimize its rigidity and force transmissibility. Designed for continuous duty and ideal for research & development, production, stress screening and qualification testing, our ruggedized armatures can endure severe vibration and shock forces and extreme temperature conditions.

Efficient Air Cooling

Recently re-engineered for optimal cooling capacity, the efficient  cooling design contributes to our system’s outstanding overall reliability.

Auto Pneumatic Armature centering system

The Pneumatic centering system is a specially-designed close-loop optical based integrated system used for armature centering under the circumstances of high displacements under loaded conditions.

Air-Isolated Rotating Trunion

All DAS shakers come standard in a rotating trunnion for easy 90° rotation between the horizontal and vertical test axes. A labor-saving worm wheel is designed for this rotation for operator.The trunnions are pneumatically isolated providing high stability and allowing for direct mounting onto conventional industrial concrete floors. All shakers are optionally available with an integrated or stand-alone slip table assembly also.

D-Class Switching Amplifier

Our state-of-art modular switching amplifiers are integral fan cooled with imbibed safety protections and system interlocks ensuring reliable and stable performance. All amplifiers adopt MOSFET/ IGBT power packs.

Safety and Certification

Products comply CE certification and European tests standards.

Salient Features

  • Efficient Cooling
  • Reliable Armature
  • Rotating Trunion with Pneumatic Isolation
  • OPCS device for automatic armature centering
  • Displacement Peak to Peak : 51mm and 63/76mm (optional)
  • Efficient Double Field Coil Design
  • Low stray Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • Digital PWM Switching Amplifiers
  • 150KHz Switching Frequency
  • High S/N ratio
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