CATH + Vibration Test System

CVC (Combined Vibration and Climatic) Test System simulates real-field environments to investigate dynamic endurance and ascertain reliability in select fields of vibration testing.

This kind of test systems is specially designed for testing of wide range of products for Defence and Aerospace applications.

Shaker has pneumatic body isolation with auto body centering system required for integration with CATH Chamber and is water cooled by a close loop water cooling system which supplies distill water thru’ the hollow conductors of field and armature coils and is interlocked with the amplifier console for operational safety.

The shaker’s electromagnet and moving element are energized by the direct current and alternating current supplies respectively generated and are electronically interlocked to the power amplifier drive console.

The solid-state Power Amplifier is an intelligent microcontroller based console in a movable rack version. It has a feather-touch user-friendly interface at the front panel to drive the respective Electro-Dynamic Shaker.

The PC based Remote Link Module can be optionally used to remotely operate the complete vibration system. It is based on a chip-board microcontroller and is driven by software commands to communicate identical functions of the amplifier’s control panel e.g. Gain, FPS, Cooling, Start-up and Shutdown. All the critical parameters like output voltage, current, temp., and all system interlocks are displayed simultaneously.

Salient Features

  • Heavy Duty Altitude Chamber & EDV Shaker
  • Low weight and robust Armature
  • Close Loop Water Cooled System
  • Optical Auto centering
  • Microcontroller based fault diagnosis / Logic Unit

Technical Specifications

System Performance

Armature diameter     360mm

Sine force (peak), effective     3500 Kgf

Random force (rms), effective     3500 Kgf

Shock force ( Half Sine),effective     7000 Kgf

Acceleration (Sine)    1.6 m/sec

Velocity (sine peak) Displacement (Pk-pk)    51 mm (1.0 Inch)

Axial Resonance     >2000Hz

Useful Frequency range    DC to 2500 Hz

Protection Interlocks

Mains input over & under Voltage, Over Current, Loss of Input Phase, Over Temperature Amplifier & Shaker, Cooling flow, Field fail  and user safety interlock, if specifically required by customer


Shaker Characteristics

Moving element mass    <40 kg

Internal load Capability    500 Kg

Suspension cross-axial stiffness    2000Kg/mm

Stray magnetic field (150mm above table)     <10 gauss

Cooling System    Close Loop Water Cooled (Distilled water) thru’ Heat Exchanger

Compressed air (utility required at site)    7 Bar

Shaker body mass    2800 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)  1350 x 875 x 1170

Amplifier Characteristics

Power output    120V, 500 A

Total harmonic distortion (At resistive load)     Typically 1.0%

Input impedance (Nominal)     10k Ohm

Input sensitivity     4 V rms Compatible with all standard controllers

Signal-to-Noise ratio    > 70 dB

Power efficiency    >90%


Safety Norms


<40 kg

500 Kg


<10 gauss

Close Loop Water Cooled (Distilled water) thru’ Heat Exchanger


7 Bar




1350 x 875 x 1170

120V, 500 A


Typically 1.0%

10 k Ohm

4 V rms Compatible with all standard controllers

> 70 dB


Safety Norms : 

Protection : Integral protection to prevent the output devices working beyond  their specification limits.


Please contact Dynamic Associates & Services or your nearest representative for advice on the optimum

Specifications to meet your Test needs.

Internal Dimension 1250 X 1250  X 1300  MM  ( W X D X H )
Temperature Range -70°C to +120°C
Temperature Deviation in steady state ±3°C in time/space
Temperature Rate of Change

Both heating and cooling

Upto 10°C/min

Altitude Range


Atmospheric  to 3 mbar (1 mbar Optional)


Altitude Accuracy


± 3mbar


Altitude Rate


Atmospheric to 3 mbar in <30 minutes or better


Humidity Range


20% to 95% RH in a Climatic Range of 10°C to 85°C Psychometric Humidity measurement effective for entire volume of the chamber


Humidity Accuracies


Set Point Fluctuation: ±3% RH to 5% RH in time

Construction Material Anti-corrosive Stainless Steel 304 grade for interior and Powder coated exterior of chamber
Door Hinged at the left side with one hand operation attached with locking device
Viewing window Rectangular type, Made of toughened glass at the centre of door with dimensions of 450×450 mm along with  illuminating device at working area


Access Port Two Flanges of 100 mm 75mm  one  each on left & right side of the chamber; vacuum tight with SS plate


Power supply 415V +10%, 50 Hz, 3 phase AC
Refrigerants Ozone friendly Non CFC Gases (Mechanical Refrigeration)
Cooling system Matched chiller for an ambient temperature of 45 oC
Interface Suitable interfaces for PC controlled operations
Integration Accessories Dummy Enclosure, Thermal barriers, Head Extender

Note :

Please contact Dynamic Associates & Services or your nearest representative for advice on the optimum Specifications to meet your test needs.

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